Personal Yellowstone guide

You are already going into the Park, so why not bring a personalized Yellowstone guide? We go search for wildlife, observe, photograph, and enjoy the amazing sceneries that Yellowstone has to offer.


I offer tours in English, Dutch, and Portuguese. I also understand Spanish, German, and a bit of French.

Park tours

I photograph Yellowstone. This normally means I sit and wait for the perfect shot or scout out new locations. I want to share my knowledge with you as your tour guide: click here for options.

Let’s explore Yellowstone together

In 2016 I permanently moved to Gardiner, MT, to explore Yellowstone National Park thoroughly. Every day I go into the park to photograph its wildlife and landscapes, and every day I am astonished by it. Alone or in a small group, I will join you on your Yellowstone adventure and provide friendly and experienced guiding services. I am your Yellowstone guide.

Yellowstone buddy

I will provide thorough knowledge of the Park in the comfort of your own vehicle. I will show you what strikes me and what might strike you too.

Great tours

Wildlife is not guaranteed. Animals are not predictable but we can have a beautiful day in the Park regardless!


My eyes are trained to spot wildlife from my years in photography. I know the landscape, the locals, and other visitors. Together we look for what thrills us.


You don’t have to bring your own camera to record the day. I will bring mine and share what I shoot with you!

Testimonials for Yellowstone Guide

Drove me all over Hayden just for the chance a wolf might cross the road. 10/10 would recommend.

Jort is a knowlegable guide with a sixth sense for animal spotting. He is also very funny and great company. I would highly recommend him!

One full week with Jort and he’s great at spotting the wildlife.

I badly wanted to see a pygmy owl and tried very hard, but it wasn’t until Jort showed it to me, I finally was able to photograph it!

A true Yellowstone buddy and great Yellowstone guide!

Even while we didn’t see much of the animals, Jort’s company was great and made the trip unforgettable: the best Yellowstone guide!