I offer a guiding service for Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding areas, with a focus on photographable opportunities of the animals. Wildlife is not guaranteed, but I will take you to the best, most likely places to see these wonders of nature.

Park’s regulations must be followed, which means 25 yards away from all animals, except wolves and bears, which is 100 yards. My tours are done mostly by driving around, with every now and then a short hike. In my experience most wildlife is best seen from the pullouts on the road.

Tours with a heart

Tours with a smile and heart. A laugh is guaranteed!


I will teach you all I know about the Park.


Tours with a focus on wildlife in the greater Yellowstone area.


I offer customized tours, with customized prices, so everyone can enjoy Yellowstone’s wonders.

Wildlife Tour

A tour to find and watch the wildlife in the park, and see Yellowstone’s sceneries.

Photography Tour

A Yellowstone tour with focus on photography of animals and scenery.

Testimonials for Yellowstone Guide

Drove me all over Hayden just for the chance a wolf might cross the road. 10/10 would recommend.

Jort is a knowlegable guide with a sixth sense for animal spotting. He is also very funny and great company. I would highly recommend him!

One full week with Jort and he’s great at spotting the wildlife.

I badly wanted to see a pygmy owl and tried very hard, but it wasn’t until Jort showed it to me, I finally was able to photograph it!

A true Yellowstone buddy and great Yellowstone guide!

Even while we didn’t see much of the animals, Jort’s company was great and made the trip unforgettable: the best Yellowstone guide!